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About Us

Welcome to Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy #5! 
Thank you for your interest in our learning community. 
A little bit on our Past:

Our doors first opened in 2009 with just over one-hundred students, six teachers, and a temporary site that did not necessarily inspire confidence of the future of our school in the hearts of our potential parents. 
As the families arrived, and the relationships began to form, our little school began to take shape. 
Since then, we have come a long way:
  • 2011 our API score increased by 42 points from our first year;
  • 2012 our API score jumped another 55 points, growing us to 768, placing us 38 in the top 118 middle schools in Los Angeles;
  • Also, met AYP by meeting 17 out of 17 targets - we achieved these targets with 17% of our population receiving special education services;
  • 2012 grew our blended learning instructional model by being one of the first middle schools to convert to include the Alliance BLAST structure in our instructional model
  • October, 2012, we moved into our beautiful, brand new, condor nest on the corner of Broadway and Avenue 20;
  • Our founding group of 6th grade students became the founding cohort of our neighbor high school, Smidt Tech.  Becoming the first graduating class of 2016;
  • 2013 we received:
    • Five-year charter renewal
    • Six-year WASC accreditation
    • Successful completion of our DVR Audit
    • Scores of 2, 3, 3, and 4 on our Annual Performance-Based Oversight Visit from LAUSD.
  • Rated by CDE 39 out of 134 middle school
  • Weighted API of 773 as compared to competing schools
  • Highest API of any Alliance middle schools
A little bit about our Present:

We are in our sixth year of operation and we have grown:
  • Student population is approximately 400
  • Our returning teacher rate is 80%
  • We are currently fully staffed, with zero substitute teachers in our classrooms
  • All of our teachers are NCLB compliant
  • 15% of our population are student that receive special education services
  • Approximately 30% of our student population are EL students
  • Our Alliance Lincoln Heights Community Garden is growing and we have secured a water meter to make our work more fruitful
  • We will soon have an MPR in our eating area

A little bit about our Future:

Beyond our mission of preparing all of our students to be high school, college and beyond ready, we look forward to becoming a beacon of hope in our community.  One of our missions is to create a heart within our community where parents, students, and community members can turn to for an education as well as a hub of support.

None of these triumphs have come with ease, and they are not mine alone. Our vision, Our future... Our work has been and will continue to be a challenge. We have much to overcome, we have much to prove, and we have obstacles and challenges ahead. 
Many of our students arrive well below grade level in English and math. 
Many of them are introduced for the first time to academic rigor. 
Many of them encounter for the first time what it means to be academically responsible and successful. 
Many of them will say to us, "we have no space, no privacy" or that we're "always in [their] business". 
Your child is our business. 
Many parents initially share that they welcome our input, our "invasion" of their child's privacy, our eagle eye, strictness and discipline. And many parents hold true to this commitment, no matter what news comes their way. We grow together. 
Some of you will find that you feel just like your child - as if the school personnel practice no boundaries. 
To you I ask, "What do you think we do here?" 
I offer this:
  • we are in the business of your child
  • we are in the business of growing your child with you
  • we have values that are very much like your own
  • we believe that a child needs to be whole in his person, having not only academic success but the character that goes with true success
  • we believe in teaching tenacity
  • we believe in teaching that manners are not just for the home
  • we believe in giving your child a voice
  • we believe in pushing your child, pulling your child, cajoling your child up the path of becoming a 21st century adult
  • we ask that you trust that what we have is the best interest of your child
  • we ask that you trust the people in whose hands you have placed your child. 
How do you do these last two things? 
Get to know us. 
And most importantly, don't believe everything you hear - from your child or from "la señora" next door or down the street. 
Every circumstance and situation is individual to the persons living it. No story is the same because no two facts are the same. Your story is your own. And it melds with the rest of what we do here.

My doors are wide open. I am open to hearing your concerns, contemplations, and suggestions for improvement.

Each child brings with him or her a whole new world. And learning it, and teaching it takes all of us to do it. 
Every year we have many exciting things happening and many exciting things planned. 
We look forward to you becoming a part of this journey and part of the legacy of ACRMA#5. 
Thank you for reading. 
Thank you for coming. 
Thank you for sharing. 
Condors - Thunderbirds of the sky
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